by Terrain

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released June 8, 2018

Written, Produced and Mixed by David Johnston
Mastered by Trevor Case / Case Mastering


all rights reserved



Terrain Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Single father. Business owner. Producer. Songwriter. Recording artist. Terrain wears many hats, and aims to wear them well. It can be difficult to nail down his style, as he clings to none. Urban sounds, past and present, have inspired him musically, but a good folk song is often his go to as a listener. His songs are personal, with an underlying spiritual depth. His journey inspires the music. ... more

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Track Name: MARCO POLO
Walking a silk road
A sojourn not a life abode
Ways are strange here
I think I kind of like it, though
Cannot choose the blood that runs through us
'Cause it's bestowed
I was born a Venetian
I'll always hold a piece of them
I may not return there
But still I've made my peace with them
I can't deny the urge to search the way to peace within

This ain't my home
I don't belong
This land where I roam
Is just for a song

A family name and debt
Attracted to the hard to get
Hard to get off it
Like a Khan's throne when the star has set
Legends born from paths long worn
I'll write and not forget
I look to the east then
Sons are said to rise again
I will rise when
I've become the dragon
Ancient seed, but still it feeds the hunger within

Wonder what happened to the caravan
Left wondering if there's a plan
Left wandering a barren land
Looks a lot like where it began
But it's not the same...I'm not the same
I lost the flame when I got contained
Unlike Noah, I was caught in the rain
No ark for my heart, a lot of pain
Ground is cold on the sole of my feet
Look back to behold my soul's defeat
Not a man to forget...but I can handle regret
Hand on my chest, I feel the same old beat
Same old heat beginning to rise
Same old grief beginning demise
New leaf turned, learning the skies
The journey's the prize
Track Name: DON'T NEED
She say she don't need a man
She knows she's strong and she can stand
But you can see it in her eye, she wanna meet a man
Who understands how to show her why she needs a man

She's a field of wild flowers
Footprints in and out
Trampled life still grows beside
Seeds of doubt
She's a sea full of wonders
Flowing where it wills
Covering forever
Every ship it kills
She's a sky so alive
Clouds come and go
After storm, there's colour
By night, the moon glows
She's a forest full of tall trees
Her shade, a place of rest
But set that girl on fire
She'll burn 'til you regret

She's a child of revolution
She answers to the spirits
A daughter of dysfunction
Perpetuity, she fears it
She's a lover of control
A ship goes wherever she steers it
Leader of the boys choir
They sing, she writes the lyrics

She say she don't need a man
She settles for a weaker man
But you can see it in her eye, she wanna meet a man
Who understands how to show her why she needs a man

I can see your power
I can feel your light
You rule well your life
But let me rule tonight
I've been seeking solace
You've been chasing dreams
No way this room can hold us
This place ain't fit for queens
Let me take you to my castle
Where the royal gown is off
We can just let us be us
We can take the crowns off
Let me be your place of safety
Not 'cause you can't protect
But 'cause you shouldn't need to
In the arms of respect
The best things seem to come when you're not looking
Sometimes the gold is in the stream you didn't look in
And the path for you is too obvious to see
'Cause you're too used to crooked
Your head is in the book (and)
You wrote it with your own fears
It's safer to be alone here
The moment you start trusting is the moment you're disgusted
It's easiest to cover up your own ears
But ignorance won't fill your up
And numbness is worse, bottoms up
They say to learn to love yourself before you love another
But maybe loving others is the path to self discover
Aftermath where you recover what you lost in your last fall
Wondering if that's all
Til someone comes near and reminds you
The best is right here, not behind you

She's just so real
Defenses are coming down
Time can heal
There's rubble on the ground

It's a soul connection
Something you can't deny
A mutual respecting
It's that 'something' you can't define

I needed a mirror
I was getting to rigid
She's the one who came near
So we wouldn't miss it
She was alone, I was alone
We kept warm
Lit up the phone, heated my home
Til hearts were torn
Too many roots for goodbyes
Our plan was the truth in the lies
Lies to ourselves to diminish
What was growing may never be finished
Track Name: TO THE SIGNS
So fond of the motion
Even if it's downward
If there's a high
Count me in for the ride
No wrong emotions
When you haven't found words
The body won't lie
But the truth tends to hide

Shifting sands
Lifted hands
Leave whats behind, behind
That old cycle
My soul disciple
Open those eyes to the signs
They everywhere like...
Everywhere like...

Some kind of addiction
Nothing new at all
Been running my whole life
It blurs the insight
This living fiction
Just feeds the withdrawal
But between the lines
Discern the times

Not always open eyes, sometimes it's just an open heart
Those dark nights of the soul bringing starlight to behold
Cutting through your lies to show you where you really are
Set direction; make correction; pay attention to the...
Track Name: SURVIVAL
Time is gone, gone, gone
Why you gotta linger so long
Life moves on, on, on
Why's the right thing still wrong


I knew I had one left to write about you
Right about now there's a cloud I knew was alright to write through
Fight through my instinct to spite you
Grounded as I rise like kites do
I'm a human with an ego
But the words that I'm saying say more about me, though
This feels like an after buzzer free throw
In a game nobody came to see, no
If winning is control, we all lose when the wind blows
The wind blew, and you flew, 'cause your wings know
That was after you were free, though
Not mine, not his, only we know

You landed when you fell day after day
You came to call, I wanted you to stay
I wanted to get real, you wanted to play
I wouldn't face it when you'd pull away

You wouldn't face me when you said it's over
Hard to gain closure when you wouldn't go there
So we left it nowhere
Suspended, pretending like we don't care
Trying to kill it by staying quiet
When souls are knotted, space and time untie it
Wish upon a star then deny it
When you sell it short, I can't buy it

I still checked your feed, while you're saying you're not checking mine
That never cashed, my memory bank needs a check signed
Cover up like the scarf around your neck line
And like those that we kept blind
Step behind a wall, but there's cracks there
Open windows, never doors when you need air
To be fair, it's alright to be scared
Another reason I was wishing I could be there

Wanted to be there, but he's there
It's harder to look than it is to close the book
Every time you win, you lose again
But it's gonna be alright...maybe in the next life
(short love, goodbye...)
Track Name: FEEL IT
I've never been the one to
Let emotions have a run through
Never been one who
Reaches out, but I've begun to

I'm learning to live with the burning
I can sit with these feelings
Open it up and just let it hurt
I could drown it tonight
I could turn off the light
But I've discovered the sun can bring healing
If I can just feel it first

Feel it
I've gotta feel it
Feel it
Don't wanna feel it

If loving is like the waves
You can find me in the underwater caves
There's a comfort in a dark place
Just me and the wounds
No sun, no moon, no stars, no days
My world's spinning slow with my hands raised
Night winning, motivation is my heart's slave
White flags fill the pillow where my mind rests
Can't find rest trying to digest
The confusion of loss
What we choose has a cost
A bruise and a knot
Ain't losing a lot
But what if they're refusing to stop
Are they a muse or cues in the plot
Pointing me to deeper truths
Like the truth that I'm not the man that I thought
If I am, I forgot
That it's better to have loved and lost than not
To have loved at all
Better to try and fall
Than to deny the room to be human
But just how do I get through then
When I always get consumed in
The highs and lows
The ecstasy and woes
Of seeing someone and them seeing me, oh
Then the ache of seeing them go, oh
Nothing better, nothing worse
It's a blessing and a curse when it hurts
But here I go again, yo

Let the rhythms teach me
Patterns trying to reach me
Let my life speak free
Let me be
Track Name: BE (feat. Parab Poet)
Who said that you've gotta sing their song...
Who said you conform to belong...
Who said your soul's compass is wrong...
Well, what do you say?

Who said that it's weak to fall apart...
Who said you gotta cover your scars...
Who said the sleeve ain't a place for your heart...
Well, what do you say?

Be you
Live your truth

When was it that you first began to doubt...
When was it that your heart first bled out...
What was it that you wish you'd gone without...
Well, what about now?

When are you gonna finally win...
What if you're gonna fall once again...
How will you ever be sure of the end...
Well, what about now?

Be here
Free of fear

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