by Terrain

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Just like the seasons, they come and go You've got four reasons to grip control So much chaos around, I know The kings of fear can take their toll There's no way to see down the road The best we have is what we hold All we can do is live and love We've got now, and for now that's enough Dance to the rhythm of life Everybody has a song inside Let your heart beat tonight Get your feet moving to the rhythm of life Get your feet moving... You've been searching high and low For somebody to call your own Maybe tonight is for letting go Find your groove...the rest will surely follow Just lose yourself...maybe you'll find yourself
Wanderer 03:47
She's a beauty queen Not a man who hasn't seen her steal the scene She wears a billboard saying "look at me" She always gets what she wants She likes to play the game One or two or ten boys try to catch her name Her shoulder's cold but that's the way she came She's become a professional I don't think she knows what she wants I don't think she wants what she has I think she is lost 'cause she's a wanderer I don't think she knows who she is I don't think she is what she thinks I think she is lost 'cause she's a wanderer She's so popular Her little entourage wants to be her They're all so young and she seems so sure She's such a natural She wears a mask She wears it well...she works behind a glass A sense of power in that look she casts She's so good, she's so good, she's so good, she's so good (My little) Wanderer... Come on and wander my way...
Not A Day 06:27
Any day without you is not a day 'Cause I'll be thinking about you all the way When you left the night began its stay Any day without you is not a day Any life without you is not a life 'Cause I'll be missing that spark you had inside Now that you're gone, all I can do is try, try, try 'Cause any life without you is not a life ... You moved and I moved You breathed and I breathed Your heart and my heart...they shared the same beat I felt what you felt I saw what you dreamed You went away and I lost the better part of me I don't think I'll ever get over this I don't think that I ever want to Because if I ever get over this I think I would have to forget about you
Ignition 04:39
Everybody needs a dream Once you see it, let your sweat be gasoline ... All around the world, people looking for the fire Everybody wants to be living in a flame You don't have to look any further than your heart It's right there...it's inside, flowing through your veins All around the world, people burning with desire Everybody's looking for a chance to live the dream All too often it's just waited on, not worked for So strike a match and let your sweat be gasoline Let it burn...this is Ignition Just let it burn like you just can't live without it Let it burn...come on, feed your ambition Just let it burn 'til you do something about it All around the world, people living, others dying I'd rather die before my time than never live Sometimes to die is to be alive after all But while I'm breathing, I've got something I can give All around the world, people writing out their stories Even in war, they can still find peace We all have chains that keep us from our freedom But shackled hands hold the keys to our release All it takes is just one match But your words ain't gonna light it There's gotta be more than that It takes passion to ignite it Now's the time to act Don't let it slip away Start with where you're at...
Hit and Run 03:57
Honestly, I'll never be free from this The very first time our souls collided Possibly the best and the worst night The first time in a long time that I decided... I could love again...and love could be a friend And the dream I held could be coming out of exile I remember when it was coming to an end You left me with nothing but a smile Eyes...hold more than a word could ever say I...was struck, then you went another way A hit and run Honestly, I tried to forget the feeling After all, I'm not sure what it meant Possibly, I'm as crazy as it would seem But all I know is somehow you left a dent I saw you again...chilling with your friends Acting like I was just another guy My soul was on the fence...still full of consequence Then you turned and looked me in the eyes I can't read what's in your mind, girl Come on, tell me how you feel You're talking with your eyes girl What's the truth that you're trying to conceal You tell me you're a friend, and that is the extent We can't be more, and I should let it go I'm trying to pretend it didn't leave another dent I've come to learn not to let it show
You 03:53
I am looking for you And I don't even know who you are But at the same time, I think I do You're the better half of this broken heart And I am waiting for you When will you show me your lovely face It's been a long time since I've been in love Beside me there's far too often an empty space I've been thinking of you Wondering where you are right now What are the things that you like What makes you happy when you're feeling down I've been writing songs for you I can hardly wait to sing to you, girl Once I've finally found you I'll have everything I need in this world I'm looking for you, and I don't even know who you are
A While 05:10
You belong to another... You make your love to a brother... I feel that burden I see a tired shoulder It's carried too much My heart says "Hold her" But every time I do You leave me again And every time you do It feels like the end You belong to another But I'm the one who can make you smile You make your love to a brother But you can be sure I'ma be here a while You won't forget me now 'Cause there is something you found Try your best to put it down But you'll see me around I can feel that you're afraid Words can be so cheap They were blue in the face It was only skin deep I broke a hole in the wall You can see my eyes through If you could see through my eyes You might find your truth I'll be in your dreams...I'll be in your thoughts In the pages that you read...our souls are in a knot You're gonna feel my love, even from afar Just can't escape what's written in the stars ... You know I want to be more than what we are I feel I hold a key to a vault inside your heart So let me hold you, while the moments fly away Just like I told you...everything's gonna be okay I wanna hear...I wanna learn the depths of you Through all the fear...maybe we'll find the truth Been thinking about the seeds...we can't just let them die Can we set them free...can we be "you and I"
I'm done with that... I felt like paper, written on Problem was, it was not by me Let everybody paint what they want Never stopped to be what I be I was plastic, the mask was on Cast an image that they could see Felt love, but there was something wrong It wasn't real...it wasn't me I'm done with that... Be myself and let everyone else I'm done with that... Leaving behind what was holding my mind I'm done with that... I've had enough, now I'm flying above I'm done with that... Past is goodbye...today I'm alive I've been singing for all of my life But most of the time it was not my song Somebody else wrote the lyrics, I Sang in style and followed along I was riding the train last night Thought it would take me where I belong I never once saw the tunnel light So I got off and dug ‘til dawn... If anybody tells me I have to fit the mould (I'm done with that) I wasn't born just to be the typical (I'm done with that) I've spent enough of life searching for approval (I'm done with that) Life is too short to waste putting on a show (I'm so done with that)
Closer 05:21
Closer... A moment in time with a beautiful soul Nobody knows what tomorrow will hold A moment to fly with a beautiful soul I think I know how far we could go Keep on moving, moving, moving out on the floor Come a little closer, closer, closer...I'll keep you warm Closer...let that beat inside Closer...let our worlds collide Closer...let's be free tonight ... I wanna be your baby...you're so fine I wanna see those eyes looking into mine I wanna feel your body moving to the beat now I wanna steal you away...we're making heat now
Be Okay 03:06
I've made some mistakes in my life But I know...you were never one of those Always hated seeing tears in your eyes But I know...sometimes that's how it goes I used to lay awake at night But I know...the best is what we chose We filled some pages with what we knew to write But I know...that chapter's been closed I want you to be okay I want to see you fly I want to see you loved by the perfect guy I want you to be okay I want to see you run I want to see you smile...dancing in the sun I've made some mistakes in my life But I know...you were never one of those
This leather on my face has seen better days But it's been through much worse than this weathered place These feeble knees are scraped, but blood warms the grey Every drop of my life has painted the way These mountains speak my name like foes turned friends They look diminished as this path brings me here again My sweat and tears were rain to desolate ground My heels feel at home, for here I've been found I have come so far I ain't giving up now I have my share of scars I am not going down, no I'm moving higher... Keep moving higher


released March 25, 2014

All words and music written and produced by Terrain
Mixed at ARTitecture Studio in Saskatoon
Mastered by Trevor Case at Earwig Lab
Vocals, guitars, bass, keys, percussion and drum programming by Terrain
Additional bass by Tim Vaughn (Track 2)
Violins by Zane Tymchak (Track 3 and 4)


all rights reserved



Terrain Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Single father. Business owner. Producer. Songwriter. Recording artist. Terrain wears many hats, and aims to wear them well. It can be difficult to nail down his style, as he clings to none. Urban sounds, past and present, have inspired him musically, but a good folk song is often his go to as a listener. His songs are personal, with an underlying spiritual depth. His journey inspires the music. ... more

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